At the LSE I am the director of the MSc in Behavioural Science . The overall aim of this Masters is to provide students with the skills to understand, predict, and change human behaviour in a way that enhances the desired outcomes for organisations in the private and public sector.

At the LSE I teach corporate behaviour and decision making on to Executive Masters students. The aim of this course is to give students the tools to avoid behavioural biases in high stake decision making in business. We cover capital structure, fundamental evaluation, hiring, team dynamics and conduct.

I also lead a one day course on groupthink for UK Finance. This course is an opportunity to deep dive into the insights from behavioural science on groupthink. Drawing on cases and examples of groupthink from banking participants will learn about the type of individual biases and blind spots that are exacerbated in groups.

I also lead bespoke courses for business which provide an overview of the lessons from behavioural science on a number of topics including: diversity and inclusion, conduct, groupthink and the 4th Industrial Revolution. Feel free to contact me for more information.