Corporate Engagement

I am happy to give general interest talks to corporate clients.  Currently, I have a talk that provides  insight into how the behavioural psychology of women in the modern workforce differs to that of their male counterparts. This talk aims to be informative and entertaining. In particular, this talk covers:

“Why do women choose different occupations to men?”

“Are women really less competitive?”

“Are women typically more risk averse?”

“Are women less likely to put themselves forward for a pay rise or promotion?”

The talk addresses social norms, and why simply adopting different behaviors in the workplace may not change aggregate employment outcomes greatly for women. The talk also covers polices that employers can put in place to ensure they address the cognitive biases that may be contributing to the gender gap in labor market outcomes, including pay.

This talk has different versions that relate to finance, science and engineering, technology, professional administrative staff and occupations with low shares of males.  For more information email