When studying the causal determinants of important life outcomes, I focus on putting economics to work in the real world, where theory meets application.  To see a full list of publications click here. To get more information on my consultancy click here.

Overall,  my research encompasses the analysis of observational data and applied experimental approaches to the following inter-related topics:

  • Occupational sorting: the role of behaviour, preferences for work content, received mentoring, the role of personality, sorting into competitive environments and selection effects.
  • The impact of discrimination on labor market, health  and other life course outcomes: in-group/out group phenomenon, taste discrimination, statistical discrimination, and selection effects.
  • Incentives-based interventions: Nudging versus shoving, rapid versus long games, designing rewards systems that consider the utility from ‘bad’ behavior, risk preference, discount rates and irrational behavior.
  • Determinants of character: Separating the role of socialization from innate and evolutionary traits.