Dr. Grace Lordan

I am an associate professor at the London School of Economics. I spend my time trying to understand just why individuals have different life outcomes (mainly employment) beyond factors that are in their own control.  I am particularly interested in behaviour by other individuals that affects the life outcomes of others. My major focus is on differences by gender and ethnicity. For more information on my research please click here.

At the LSE I enjoy teaching corporate based behaviour and decision making to behavioural science executive students. On this course we cover behavioural biases in trade and investment, compliance in banking, search and hiring processes and day to day decision making. I regularly give talks on these topics to firms, specialist groups and conferences. Please feel free to contact me on g.lordan@lse.ac.uk if you are interested in learning more

I am a research associate at the CEP LSE and at the IZA Bonn. I am also a visiting research fellow at the Business School in Imperial College London.  At the LSE I am a member of the Academic Planning and Resources Committee  and The Finance Committee. Outside of the LSE,  I am a member of the Royal Economics Society Women’s Committee. When I am not at work I am mostly hanging out with my favourite girl, travelling, reading, or doing research.